Eliminate age discrimination on your resumeLet’s get right to it. Here are some helpful techniques to offload the years from your resume:


  • The summary (profile) section of your resume gets immediate notice because it’s the first hodgepodge of words to be encountered by your target reader. Be sure that it includes accomplishments of recent projects; references to cutting-edge technologies and processes that you have put to use on the job; and professional development/advanced degrees/certificate programs that you’ve recently completed.
  • Tally in your “interests” section a physically challenging activity and/or goal (e.g. “Mountain Climbing: On track to climb all 52 peaks of Mt. Olympus by 2016”). Yeah, right… but who’s to dispute it?
  • Remove accomplishments from your experience, education and skills sections that are moth-eaten in any way (e.g. No one uses FileMaker Pro or WordPerfect anymore).
  • Use a “happening” font, like Calibri or Georgia…yes, these things are superficial but what the heck? A couple clicks of your mouse (or sweep of your hand) and you no longer appear a dinosaur, mindlessly cavorting around Times New Roman. It is that awareness that says something positive about you, not the simple change of typeface.
  • Remove your earliest jobs held…entirely.
  • Remove your graduation years if they date you.
  • Include details of your achievements in a relevant professional association, especially if you hold a leadership position there. A potential employer will care less how old you are once they realize you’re still able to open doors to trends–and contacts—inside your industry.


Sure, it’s possible that your age may not be a prime factor in every application you submit; it’s even possible that revealing you’re no millennial will help make you that much more attractive a candidate. However, believe me when I say that you’re doing no damage to your reputation—or ego—by making your capabilities seem as currently relevant as possible. It also makes for a far more attractive resume since there is no longer a need for endless paragraphs to contain eons of work history. Your resume is therefore easier to read; always a plus in today’s competitive marketplace.