Lara Farrar

My Resume Deli mock interview was thorough. The questions they asked me were identical to the questions my actual interviewer asked. I was 100% prepared. Resume Deli was tough, and I needed that.

Independent Broadcast Media Professional
John Tintera

Before discovering Resume Deli I used to write and update my resume on my own. I’m a decent writer and I own a big fat thesaurus. That used to be all one needed. But now I feel differently. Resume Deli helped me to see my accomplishments in a new way and to express my skills in a strong, clear manner. Working with them made me understand my career in a whole new light. Since becoming their client (I’ve worked with them several times over the years), Resume Deli has helped me reel in two great jobs and get into a highly ranked MBA program. The friends and family members to whom I have recommended Resume Deli have also benefitted from their care and expertise. It’s rare these days to find a service company that still counts service as its top priority, but Resume Deli is one of those diamonds in the rough.

VP of Sales, Osprey Publishing
Namrata Gupta

I have attended Resume Deli’s seminars and hired them for several individualized services, including resume, cover letter, mock interview and job search services. My consultant was extremely thorough and helped me to land a leadership position overseas in a developing economy.

COO, The Grooming Company
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